Strong Male Voice

As a high school English teacher of fifteen years, Robert Wooldridge knows intimately the importance of grabbing and holding a listener’s attention. Great writing begins with great sentences, but the reality is that a brilliant sentence is only as good as its delivery. Wooldridge knows the tricks of tickling fancy, of jerking a listener to their feet, and of head-locking attention if need be. It all comes down to authentic feeling.


Trained as an actor at Northwestern University, and specifically in voice acting at Such A Voice, Wooldridge knows how to tap his own emotion in order to convey meaning, interest, and action.


Years of reading aloud to young people has given Wooldridge a vocal range from 30 to 70 years. His voice can play warm and playful or rugged and mature. It is always sincere. From perfectly innocent to wryly ironic, Wooldridge has the intelligence to see the needs of the project.

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